Početna Platform
Political Platform

Activist and political platform of Zagreb Pride is queer-feminist and it stems from: 
  • Peace and antiwar movement
  • Feminist movements
  • Green and animal-rights movements
  • Human-rights movement
  • LGBTIQ movement

Values that Zagreb Pride supports are:

  • Equality and non-discrimination
  • Pacifism and anti-militarism
  • Ecology
  • Laicism
  • Freedom, self-determination of individuals and groups

Zagreb Pride principles imply public activism which openly works on decreasing of:

  • Homo/bi/trans–phobia and sexism
  • Chauvinisms and militarismViolence against animals, nature and environment
  • Inequality and discrimination of any kind

These principles and values we will try to use and implement throughout the whole our work and the activities of Zagreb Pride, public relations, and public and political activism.