17th Pride March of LGBTIQ persons and families Zagreb Pride 2018 “Long live gender!”


17th Pride March of LGBTIQ persons and families Zagreb Pride 2018

“Long live gender!”


Hey, they’re peering into our underwear!

They’re peeking into our bedrooms!

They are counting our blood cells!


We, who have for the past 16 years proudly marched each June through the streets of Zagreb, and will do it again this year, loudly invite the community and all of our friends and supporters to join us at the courageous, cheerful and lively 17th Pride March of LGBTIQ people and families, the biggest protest for human rights in Croatia and to make a clear statement together: Out of our pants!

This year’s Pride March is again held in the wake of attacks on women, transgender people, families and children, minorities, attacks on all aspects of gender and other difference and diversity. Politicians, ministers and magistrates, self-proclaimed experts and clerics, bishops, priests and campaigners continue to mock and trivialise our identities and bodies. First they came into our homes, then they entered our beds, and now they’re peering into our underwear. Keep out of our pants!

We live a reality in which the abused wife of a county prefect writes to the Prime Minister in her cry for help, and then withdraws charges against him because she is marginalised, belittled and discouraged.

We live a reality in which a minister devalues charges of domestic violence and says “that’s the way it is in marriage”.

We live a reality in which carnivals and masquerades for children have been turned into ceremonies of burning picture books about two moms and two dads.

We live a reality in which a handful of clerics in a ministry body determine who makes a family.

We live in a reality in which Holocaust denial and equating gay people with paedophiles is allowed on the national prime time television.

We live a reality in which interpretive statements, under the guise of protecting women, deprive transgender persons of the right to protection from violence.

We live in a reality in which a petition to deny minority rights has the support of the President.

We live in a reality in which we are forced to conceal our lives and loves from those closest to us, from the streets, squares, media, workplaces, schools, universities, institutions, cafes, where we and everyone around us are presumed to be heterosexual and cisgender. We are forced to hide, hold back and shake off our feelings, identities, attitudes and truths about ourselves.

We live a reality in which everyone is considered qualified to determine who is male and who is a female or other. Get out of our pants!

We, lesbians, gays, bisexuals, trans people, intersex people and queer people, know that we live the reality in which we are all much more than the gender assigned to us at birth. We know that each of us has a gender and gender identity and the right to express ourselves. We also know that each and every one of us is the only authority for our own gender identity and therefore we demand for the process of legal gender recognition to be based solely on self determination. No one has the right to peer into our underwear and determine who we are, whom we will love, who makes up our family or which toilet we will use!

We demand:

  • that all people have the freedom to make their own choices about reproduction
  • the end for referendums directed at deterring human rights and women’s rights
  • that the new Family Law recognises the right to a civil marriage for all couples, regardless of their sex and gender
  • the termination of all forms of reparative and conversion therapies or procedures with the aim of changing sexual orientation or gender identity
  • that all transgender people in Croatia have the right to unconditional legal gender recognition

This is why this Saturday, June 9 at 3 PM, we will occupy the centre of the city – for every invisible person in Croatia, for every discriminated child in our schools, for all minorities in our parliament, for all different and diverse, wonderful families, for each and every brave person who is fed up with people peering into their underwear. We take over the centre of the city because we look for and demand VISIBILITY 365 days a year, right now. Long live Gender!


See you on June 9 2018, at 3pm

Roosevelt square (near Mimara museum)