Sex and gender: Creation

Sex and Gender: Creation is a workbook for creating concepts of sex and gender on social and individual level. Issues about sex and gender are considered and discussed in different domains, such as: lawmaking, medicine, biology, language, sexuality, education, history, politics, activism and human rights. Sex and gender are analized as being determined by identity, as ways of personal expressions, as social constructs, roles and norms as basic classification, inequality and discrimination.

Everyone has the right to define one`s own body and identity, and to demand that society respects that right.

Everyone has the right to self-definition, self-conception and self-identification of one`s own sexual and/or gender identity, as well as to modification of the aforesaid.

Everyone has the right to express and to determine one`s own sexual/gender identity without being obliged to fit into existing definitions and categories.

The right to express sex and gender and sexual/gender identity includes the right to sexual/gender ambiguity and contradiction, and does not imply only the binary concept of <<male>> or  <<female>>.