We are staying at home, but we are not giving away our rights!

We remind you that last week 46 civil society organizations warned that the tracking of all mobile phones in the country is not a measure of protection against the coronavirus, but an unnecessary violation of human rights. Namely, if the measures being implemented are not carefully directed towards the suppressing of the infection and its consequences and you proceed to abuse them by implementing unlimited tracking of mobile phones of all citizens of Croatia, this will lead to a breach of trust in institutions that is extremely important, especially in these emergency situations. 

Respected members of the Government, Prime Minister Plenković and Minister Božinović, the responsibility you have assumed as members of the Government is to work in the interest of citizens in accordance with the Constitution, laws and human rights, therefore your draft of the Electronic Communications Act must be guided by the same principles.

As organizations and many experts have already warned, the measures proposed by the Government in the first draft of the Act surpass the purpose of the protection of public health, are ineffective and do not include provisions on the duration of the monitoring period, or a prescribed method of processing and controlling of the collected data. We are therefore reminding you that all measures implemented by the Government must be efficient, but also proportional which means we cannot allow the damage the measures may cause to be greater than their benefit. To avoid harmful consequences, all measures should be in accordance with the recommendations announced by the European Commission.

In addition, we remind the Government once again that this Act, which is being passed during an emergency and restricts constitutional and human rights, such as the freedom of movement, the right to work and to assemble in public, must be adopted by a two-thirds majority of all representatives of Parliament because while we are trying to suppress the infection we also have to make sure the measures implemented will not leave devastating consequences.

This is a warning to the entire Government, especially Prime Minister Plenković and Minister Božinović, to be responsible in their actions and proposals and not to pass a law that would endanger human rights and call into question everything good that has been done so far. In contrast to all measures implemented, we believe the measures proposed in this Act are not supported by citizens and that they will clearly express their dissatisfaction.

We say loudly: Even though we are staying home, we will not give away our constitutionally guaranteed rights!

#stayathome and write to Parliament

A large-scale tracking of the location of cell phones of all citizens could soon be announced. You don’t agree with it? Neither do we!

Tell this to the President and representatives of Parliament via the email at this link: https://l.linklyhq.com/l/6Bj #iamstayingathome #leavemyrightsalone  

You can also copy the text and send it to the following addresses: predsjednik@sabor.hr; gradjani@sabor.hr; klubhdz@sabor.hr, and other clubs of representatives.

The subject of the email: #iamstayinatghome, but I am not giving away my rights! 

“Respected President, respected representatives of the Parliament, 

because your function is to represent all citizens, including myself, I hold you personally responsible for the passing of the Electronic Communications Act which opens the possibility of the tracking of mobile phones of all citizens in Croatia.

I encourage you to use your moral, civil and political duty and insist on provisions that will limit the duration of this measure, prescribe ways of processing collected data, their storage, destruction and control.

I want a responsible government, a society of solidarity in which relations of all people and institutions are based on trust.”