Zagreb Pride’s activities

Zagreb Pride’s activities are organized into three program units:

Program 1 # Advocating Equity for LGBTIQ Persons

In order to create social change and to achieve full equality of LGBTIQ people, within this program we monitor the implementation of existing laws concerning the LGBTIQ community, provide legal support and legal representation, draft legal proposals, periodically report on the state of human rights of LGBTIQ persons and we engage in public advocacy. More

Program 2 # Education, Research and Publishing

The Education, Research and Publishing program aims at creating knowledge about the experiences and needs of LGBTIQ persons in Croatia, as well as collecting and preserving the archival material related to the LGBTIQ movement in Croatia. Research and publishing activities also serve as the basis for our educational activities which we offer to educational institutions and informal education programs as well as to various public officials working with victims of anti-LGBTIQ discrimination and hate crimes and for further advocacy activities. More

Program 3 # Acting towards & within LGBTIQ Community 

The third program is aimed at creating a solid and strong LGBTIQ community through communication with the community, creating community spaces, the organization of cultural and social programs and events and, in particular, through the organization of the Pride Month and Pride March. More